"We are offering all Interiors solutions and quality Furniture for Offices, Schools, which includes Workstations, Conference Table, Executive Desking, Desking System, Storages, Reception Tables, Seating System. Manufactured using quality material, our range finds extensive application in Offices, Schools, Hotels and Restaurants."


Universe Interiors delivers the Products which are Engineered to both style and durability, each product is designed that keeps you fresh, energetic and inspired all day; at work.
Universe Interiors is associated with the brand name 'FIT' for hardware products.
'FIT' offers Architectural Hardware Products and Solutions. A range of products that provides functionality & safety. Quality is an obvious asset of 'FIT' products.

Products are as per European Standards (5,00,000 cycle tested )

Fit Floor spring    ( Code :FFS90 )

 Fit Top patch    ( Code :FPF10 )

  Fit Bottom patch    ( Code :FPF20 )

    Fit Bottom Lock    ( Code :FPL 1 )

Fit Patch Pivot    ( Code :FPF70 )

 Fit Overpanel sidepanel patch
 ( Code :FPF30 )

  Fit Overpanel patch    ( Code :FPF40 )

    Fit Overpanel sidepanel connector
    ( Code :FPF60 )

Fit Wooden fitting    ( Code :FWF1 )

 Fit Door Closer    ( Code :FDC45 )

  Fit Glass to wall 90°    ( Code :FGC1 )

    Fit Glass to glass 90° ( Code :FGC2 )

Fit Glass to glass 180°   ( Code :FGC3 )

 Fit H type handle ( Code :32*450 & 32*600 )

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